Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MOre of Avery

Avery with her cousing Mason. Avery Could not get enough of the swing at the park on her birthday she looks like she is getting a little sick.


This is Avery First Birthday Cake. Her favorite toy at of the million that she has is a Little rubber snake so Gina decided to make her a snake cake. One of the kids stepped in the middle of it as you can see.

Copper and BOSKO

HEre is the notorious Copper and Bosko. We looked out the Widow and saw them chasing some rabbits and one of them was not very lucky. BOsko is the one on the Left and Copper is the other. They also dug a (prison Break) tunnel about 6 feet under ground under our cinder block wall and ended up in the neighbors yard. They were trying to escape but just ended up in other prison cell.

costa Rica

While we were in Costa Rica the first day we rented this scooter and drove all over the country side. The rest of the week Gina said she didnt want to take turns driving so we had to rent 2 of them. IT was so much fun.
This is one of my favorite pictures. Gina and I went on a vacation to Costa Rica and this guy is named tommy. He was in the same part of the beach everysingle day that we were there. We was really funny and always wanted to hang out with us. I think that is all he had done for a long time.