Friday, September 5, 2008

101 facts of Aaron Allred

I saw this on my sisters blog and thought that it was fun to read and thought i might try it. I might only get to 40 or 50.

1. I am 30 Years old. almost 31
2. I live in St. George Utah, we are desert rats.
3.I have the greatest wife. Very good mother, kind, loving, Happy, and hard working. She has been wonderful to be with.
4.I am already nervous that i wont be able to finish this.
5.I love to visit Star Valley and see all the family. It is hard for me to leave.
6.I think i am like the rest of the family and i am very laid back. I dont like confrontation but will tell you how i feel.
7. I have had a shaved head since i was 16 years old and i will never change.(it is to easy)
8.I always shave the right side of my face first.
9.My car is named Scotty. we have been through a lot together. I am very attached to it. Even though it is the biggest piece of junk in the entire community we live in.
10. I get attached to things easy.
11. I had two blankets when i was a kid and one of them was so rough it would scratch me all night long. When i first would get into bed i would put it where i could not touch it. I would then feel bad for it and pull it up by my head and sleep by it anyway. (mom it was the one with the duck on it)
12. My parents have been very good examples to me.
13.I think my inlaws are awesome.
14.i have the funnest, cutest, sweetest, little daughter.
15. We are having a boy. THe due date is January 12th 2009. I am going to pay the docter 500 extra dollars to induce Gina on the 31st of december. (Tax reasons)
16.I love being married to my wife.
17.I dont clean anything very good, And i dont know how to run the dish washer.
18. I enjoy mowing our lawn.
19.I love to drink Fanta (orange). i used to drink mt dew but quit and now i am hooked on fanta. I would recomend every one try it. It reminds me of stealing orange crush from pom poms stairs down to the cellar.
20. I am bad speller, and grammer no good.
21.On my ACT i was high in Science and Math and extremly low in english. so i apoligize for this mess.
22.I think that i have over 200 golf shirts. Please any visitors are welcome to raid my closet.
23.I want to shoot under par on pebble beach before i die.
24.I do not like cake or chocolate and i dont really like desserts. You should fill up on another piece of steak.
25.I love my brothers and sisters sense of humors.
26.I miss being with my high school buddies. We had some great times. I still keep in contact with a few of them.
27.I still love to play basketball and do it every tuesday. Awhile ago there was this kid that was trash talking me while we were playing basketball. And we were killing their team. So i told him to shut his mouth and he needed to practice more. He then said well at least i am not 30 years old. It really made me think how old i am getting.
28. i have pulled my right hamstring very bad twice they take forever to heal.
29.My best round of golf is 9 under par on 18 holes.
30. Best time on the golf course is golfing with my dad and brothers.
31.I work at Coral canyon golf Course and am the Head Golf Professional.
32.My pant size is 33, 29 or 28 and i can tell you that they dont make those inseams. I have to cut all of my pants off or they drag in the wet and mud.
33. Avery inherited my short legs.
34. I have been married for 6.2 years.
35. If i dont have a fan on while i sleep i dont sleep. Gina is starting to get used to it.
36.I love being a dad. Cant wait to have more.
37.the only bones that i have broken are 3 cracked ribs, and possibly a finger or two.
38.I could watch golf all day long. And could play it longer.
39.I play golf with Lavell Edwards about 15 TImes a year. He was with me when i got my first hole in one.
40.I have had 1 hole in one and 1 double eagle. for those of you that dont know a double eagle is a lot harder to get then a hole in one.
41.i dont read enough. I wont even read directions on anything. Just get it out and put in together.
42.i am 5 foot 8 inches tall and weigh 173 pounds. Just like Kory, Dad, Kelly. and im sure Eric
43.I think before i speak like kelly and April do. I am very careful not to offend.
44.I was all state all conference in football in high school
45.THis Febuary i will be a full member of the PGA.
46.I like to do physical labor.
47.I love to go to movies. Avery is 18 months old and we have been to two of them. That is one every 9 months.
48.I hate it when i get in the shower and i cant find any soap and have to get out and get one.
49.I have traveled outside the USA to Canada and Costa Rica.
50.My favorite color is Red.
51.I really dont care at all what kind of clothes i have. Just if it feels good.
52. I either were Church shoes, Golf Shoes or Flip FLops.
53. Sometimes i eat only popcorn for dinner. That is your fault dad.
54.I love most sports. Golf, Basketball, Football, Ping pong, are my favorites to play.
55.I feel that i am a patient person. But i like to stay busy
56.I own a Cleaning Business that has 3 employees
57.I dont eat veggies period.
58.i like most fruit.
59.i have ate an entire jar of pickels in 1 day and numerous occasions.
60. I love my Dads dutch oven cooking, and love my wifes potatoes, i dont know whats in them but they are perfect.
61. I love roller coasters but hate rides that just sit their and spin and spin. Ask DYLAN POWELL what happens on rides like that.
62.i have golfed over 50 percent of all golf courses in utah.
63.i love coming home from work to my little family.
64.IF i could meet any star it would be TIGER WOODS
65.I like to save money. I like to watch investments. takes me 3 years to decide on a major purchase we have been looking at bedroom sets and couches since we have been married and just bought both last year.
67.I love to have Avery sleep in our bed. (she rolls all over the place, upside down, sideways,)
68.I loved my college days. My roomates over the years were mostly best friends from high school and family, and cousins. I cant believe we ever recieved a grade higher then a D.
69.My mom spoiled me when i was growing up. I am still learning how to clean up after myself.
70.I am a competitive person in most things. I like to win. But i try not to let people know it.
71.I am kind of shy but i can go up and talk to anybody i want. But in a big crowd of people i dont like to be the center of attention.
72.I miss our dogs.
73.IF i could go anywhere in teh world it would be Rome.
74.i dont like to be late
75.i have glasses but never wear them. I cant see the golf balls land when i play.
76.I just sent a text to gina to buy me a 12 pack of Fanta (orange)
77.I love my job
78.My favorite tv channels are: Golf Channel, ESPN, HISTORY, Discovery
79.I think that we have bought 2 movies from red box, because we cant get them back in time.
80.I love living in st. george because of all the visitors that we get.
81. I dont mind the heat and i love to be able to play golf on christmas eve.
82.Gina and i take about 30 minutes to make a decision on what resturaunt to eat at or movie to rent. WE both just dont really care.
83.I loved being a kid in Star Vally, I miss working on the hillsteads farm.
84.I have a bad back and it has been bothering me for 15 years now.
85. I have shoulder problems now as well.
86.Famous people i have met: Steve Young, Lavell Edwards, W.A Tittle(old time NYG quaterback), Pennington(Jets QB), Brandon LYON (diamondbacks Pitcher), Carlton from fresh prince of bell air, Michael Jordons mother, Bob May(PGA TOUR), Britney spears came into our golf shop in sedona but i was out, Pace mannion( NBA). Governer bangater (utah), Governer Leavitt (utah) and more tired of thinking
87.i have been in state: Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregan, California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, North and South Dakato, Illinois, Florida, New York, Georgia, NEvada, New Jersey, Maryland,
88. I have lived in: Wyoming, UTah, Arizona, California.
89.I have been a: Farmer, Concrete worker, Factory worker, Retail Sales, and now golf professional. I like the last one the best.
90.i need to go to bed.
91.i have been looking off mandis and Aprils and Autumns for ideas. Thanks
92. I love to exercise it makes me feel good.
93. I like to go to church it is hard with our monster.
94.i do not like chinese food.
95. I collect hot sauces
96.i have named every car that i have owned or drove a lot: DIGGITY, WILSON, Scotty, INdy,
97.i love to take naps. i usaully get up early and when i get home at 4 or so i like to take a 15-25 minute nap. if i sleep longer then that it does more damage.
98.I love how adventerous my wife is. she can out hike, camp, fish, swim, run, me anyday.
99.I am going to make gina do this.
100.I wish our family could live closer
101.I hope i can be a great dad



The Jensens said...

Good Work Aaron! I really didn't know a lot about you it seems. However, I did know you like golf and 1/4 of your facts involved golf one way or another. Next time we are in St. George we will have to set up a visit!

Billy & April said...

Those were good Aaron! I'm loving everyone's lists!

Glenae said...

That was a great list! These are fun. I am working on mine. Tell Gina sorry I didn't teach you to clean very good>

Anonymous said...

That was so fun to read! Congrats on the new baby! Next time I am in St. George I am giving you a call!

Kory-Lisa Allred said...

Those were fun Aaron, I did not know some of those things about you. Congrats on a boy...funny so far everyone has had girl then a boy in the allred family. That'll be so much fun to have a little boy for Avery to play with.

Anonymous said...

Oh man Aaron #11 about the blanket just about made me pee my pants! That's why I can't get rid of my blanket! Dal has tried hiding it from my a couple of times and I was "worried" for my blanket!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Hey Aaron cool list I didn't nknow you guys were expecting again congrats on a boy. Jake

I may have to do a list. check out our blog if you like.

Luke & Kimmy said...
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Heidi said...

Wow... that was really long!
But fun to read. :)
I'm so glad you commented so we have a link to your blog now!
Kam and I are in TX, but we're moving to UT soon.
Next time we're in St. George we'll try to stop and see you. It would be so fun to hang out with you guys!
Avery is so cute!
Kam's e-mail is:

MeKell and Aaron said...

Hey Aaron it's Beav. How have you been, where are you at?

Super Mandi said...

I did one of these and it took me for freaking ever! I feel your pain on that bad boy! I love the streaking picture too. That's way cute!

Stephanie said...

Aaron, I don't know if you remember me from SV--Stephanie Jenkins (Gina's age). I work with Trent Jensen and I like to read Amy's blog and sometimes peak over at you and Autumn's blogs. I'm glad you and Gina are doing well. I think the last time I saw you guys was at Hastings when you were picking up your wedding gifts! Congrats on expecting a little boy! They're a lot of fun. I have to tell you that I burst out laughing on your list at #48 (the soap thing). I hate it when that happens, but the funniest thing is that it was so random. My husband is a golfer so I'll have to tell him to visit your course when he's in SG next. Tell Gina hi!